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A brief chat with one of our merchant

Check out the following real conversation with Dirk — Owner and manager of the Sport Böckmann Arena.


Why did you decide to become a part of ticketbro?

Dirk Janssen

A few of my customers mentioned to me already that is a big loss that our company is not using an online booking system. After spending days researching for the best booking system, I decided to go with ticketbro. No contract and easy to calculate fees are what convinced me.

How was it before ticketbro?

Dirk Janssen

I could not imagine that I missed so much. In a few words, I would say - long queues and fewer bookings.

What has changed?

Dirk Janssen

My booking rate increased drastically! And more than half of my customers are booking now online.

What is your best ticketbro moment?

Dirk Janssen

Being able to accept bookings anytime and anywhere. By simply using my phone and that has positively changed my business. Now when I go on holidays I can actually relax, and with just one quick overview I can see how my business is doing. I never thought these things could be possible.

Would you recommend ticketbro to your friends?

Dirk Janssen

Definitely. Even now after using ticketbro for more than a year, I am still thrilled.

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