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A brief chat with one of our merchants

Check out the following real conversation with Rick — Owner and manager of Tummel Dschungel


Why did you decide to become a part of ticketbro?

Rick Foullon

The biggest issue of not having an online booking system was that my team was overloaded by phone calls, emails, papers, and chasing guests because of the missing information. When I realized I can solve my issues with ticketbro I was more than happy and willing to start using the service as soon as possible.

What changed with ticketbro?

Rick Foullon

With ticketbro everything changed. We gained plenty new customers. Phone calls and emails are currently reduced, which leaves me and my team more time for taking care of other things.

How many of your customers are booking online?

Rick Foullon

Currently most of our customers are booking online, which helped us significantly to reduce no-show rates!

What is for you the biggest advantage of ticketbro system?

Rick Foullon

For me, the biggest advantage of using ticketbro is the revenue increase and better customer satisfaction.

Would you recommend ticketbro to your friends?

Rick Foullon

Sure. I think every business similar to mine needs to have an online booking system. Then why not start with the one offering the best service?

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